04 Our Favorite National Park Lodges

What’s it like to wake up with a view of Crater Lake from your bedroom window? In this episode, we gleefully revisit some of our favorite National Park lodges and the adventures we had staying in them. We discuss the “parkitechture” and fascinating history to each of the lodges. We regale some hilarious stories from our stays at Crater Lake Lodge and El Tovar lodge at the Grand Canyon. We also talk about how to get reservations and some fantastic places for sunset viewing,

In this episode we discuss:

  • Staying in the largest log structure in the world in Yellowstone NP
  • Watching bears from the deck in Glacier NP
  • Wintertime stay at Zion lodge
  • Ranger programs at Bryce Canyon lodge
  • Twin beds at Paradise Inn in Mt. Rainier NP
  • President Roosevelt’s stay in Olympic NP on Lake Crescent
  • An unexpected surprise at Crater Lake Lodge
  • The mule-train journey taken by Matt’s shorts in the Grand Canyon
  • The public space at the Ahwahnee Lodge in Yosemite NP


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