06 Zion National Park: Hiking The Narrows

Standing in waist-deep water while looking up at the towering canyon walls, the scene was breath-taking. Or, maybe it was the cold water splashing our midsections that was taking our breath away. Join us as we hike The Narrows, one of the most magnificent areas of Zion National Park. On today’s episode, we talk about our experiences while hiking up the Virgin River through The Narrows, what to bring if you’re thinking of doing it yourself, and other how-to tips.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why we’re wearing the same clothes in all of our National Park sign pictures
  • The best time of year to hike The Narrows
  • What to bring and what not to bring
  • Why you might need a permit
  • What we did for work before quitting our jobs to visit the National Parks


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