07 Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Join Matt and Karen as they descend 750 feet underground to explore what Karen thinks is one of the most magical places in the entire U.S. national park system: Carlsbad Caverns. Matt’s not a huge fan of dark, scary holes, but he puts on a brave face during the couple’s multiple visits to this enchanted part of the Chihuahuan Desert in southern New Mexico. You might want to have a flashlight or two close by when you listen to this episode, just in case the lights go out and you need to self-rescue your way back to daylight. That’s one of the lasting effect these cave visits had on Matt: he never goes anywhere now without at least a couple light sources with him.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The variety of cave tours offered at Carlsbad Caverns
  • Which caves Matt and Karen visited
  • Why Matt’s not a fan of caves
  • What to know if you’re planning to attend the bat flight program
  • The ranger speech that made Karen tear up
  • Why Karen is thinking about becoming a scientist


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