#127: Archive Episode, The Beaches of Olympic National Park

Our Archive Episodes focus on a specific destination or topic we’ve covered in a previous episode. We re-play that portion of the show and add our updated comments. Today, we’re exploring the Pacific Coast beaches of Olympic National Park. Unlike any other coastline in the US, this stretch of wild and rugged beaches is a must-see for any visit to the park.


This episode includes an excerpt from episode #19, where we shared our experiences about camping on Shi Shi Beach, the furthest north beach in the park. We’ve also added here descriptions of the park’s other beaches, tips on how to get to each, what you might see there, and a little about the accommodations in the area.


Here are a couple of links we mention in this episode:

·     The park’s webpage about tidepool activities

·     NOAA’s tide table resource page


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