13 The Great American Bison Road Trip

Who doesn’t love an end-of-summer road trip? Few activities compare to the joy of packing a duffel bag full of stuff, filling the snack bag with Cheez-Its and animal crackers, and heading down the open road with all of your cares in the rearview mirror. It’s even better when you have a theme. In this episode, we talk about a buffalo-themed road trip we took across the northern plains states to some national and state parks where we visited as many public bison herds as we could fit into two weeks. You’ll also hear about some of the trails we hiked and places we visited along the way. 

Some topics and places we discuss include:

  • Fun facts about bison (or “buffalo” if you prefer)
  • National Bison Range, Montana
  • Theodore Roosevelt National Park, N. Dakota
  • Bear Butte State Park, S. Dakota
  • Custer State Park and the Black Hills, S. Dakota
  • Badlands NP, S. Dakota
  • Devil’s Tower, Wyoming
  • Yellowstone NP
  • Grand Teton NP
  • And more

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