#131: Our Favorite Cabins in the National Parks

Nothing makes you feel like you’re in a national park more than staying in a rustic, historic cabin in the woods. (Or on an ocean bluff or the rim of the Grand Canyon.) In this episode, we describe many of our favorite cabins throughout the NPS system and recount our experiences staying in them.

With views of everything from stunning mountain lakes to the rugged Badlands and bugling elk and brown bears hanging out just yards from our front porches, these cabins offered us a unique and unforgettable park experience. It was fun for us to reminisce on all our cabin stays, and we hope our stories encourage you to check a few of them out for yourself as you travel through the national parks.

Here are a few of the cabins we discus in this episode:

·     Lake Crescent Lodge – Olympic NP,

·     Cedar Pass Lodge – Badlands NP,

·     Zion Lodge,

·     Grand Canyon Lodge on the North Rim,

·     Bryce Canyon Lodge,

·     Big Meadows – Shenandoah NP,

·     Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel – Yellowstone NP,

·     Colter Bay Village – Grand Teton NP,

·     Brooks Camp Cabins – Katmai NP,

·     And many, many more!

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