#133: Sand in Our Shoes: Sand Dune National Parks

Our country’s national parks protect a huge variety of landscapes, and today, we’re playing in the sand in some of the national parks that feature sand dunes. These unique landforms offer a wide variety of activities, from hiking, saucer-sliding, tranquil sunset watching, and even camping.

We share stories of our adventures and misadventures in these incredible public lands. We also provide tips about other activities you might want to consider and suggestions for where to stay when visiting these parks.

Here are a few of the sites we discus in this episode:

·     Great Sand Dunes National Park,

·     White Sands National Park,

·     Indiana Dunes National Park,

·     And we mention a few more parks with amazing dunes!

Here are a couple links about things we mentioned in this episode:

·     Every Kid Outdoors (Fourth-Grader parks pass)

·     P.E.O. International (P.E.O. stands for Philanthropic Educational Organization)

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