47 Dining Around the Parks

Over the years while we explored the national parks, we also found a lot of unique and authentic places to eat, and today we’re sharing some of our favorites. In this mid-summer bonus episode, we provide a sampling of great restaurants, bars and bakeries. From donut shops to breweries and steakhouses, we discuss where you can get some delicious food while you’re visiting the parks. It’s always fun to find your own hidden gems when traveling, but if you find yourself at a loss for where to dine, we have some suggestions for you to try.


  • Some of the places and areas of the country we cover in this episode:
  • Pizza, pizza, beer and quesadillas in Moab, Utah
  • Pizza and noodles in Springdale by Zion NP
  • Covered wagons, pizza and pie in Torrey, Utah by Capitol Reef NP
  • A place to buy socks and dinner in Escalante, Utah
  • It’s all about the huckleberries in Glacier NP in Montana
  • In and around the three NPs in Washington state
  • Black Hills and Badlands NP in South Dakota
  • Donuts and barbeque in Estes Park, CO by Rocky Mountain NP
  • The best trailer pizza in Terlingua, TX, near Big Bend NP
  • A breakfast spot in Joshua Tree, CA
  • A brewery in Flagstaff, AZ, not far from the Grand Canyon


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