28 Havasu Falls

Taking a wish out of Karen’s bucket, in 2016 we braved the hike down into the Grand Canyon to Havasu Falls with our friends John and Lolly. Fortunately, we both scored lodging in Supai Village, on the Havasupai Indian reservation, so we didn’t have to carry packs full of camping gear with us. Havasu Creek’s waterfalls are a natural wonder that everyone should see at least once in their lifetime. If you Google photos of Havasu Falls, rest assured that the turquoise blue water in those pictures are what you’ll see as you’re standing there in person, looking up in awe. In this episode, we describe our trip to see the falls, including the hike down and back, and our stay at the lodge in the remote village by the falls.

Some of the topics we discuss in this episode:

  • Where the heck is Havasu Falls? Hint: Not by Lake Havasu
  • Why it took us a couple of tries to do this trip
  • How a last-minute medical emergency almost stopped us for a second time
  • Where the trailhead is for the hike down
  • Description of the hike to Supai Village
  • Seeing the jaw-dropping falls in person
  • Staying at the lodge in the village
  • Tips for how to get a reservation at the lodge
  • What we would do differently if we went back

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