30 Six Astounding State Parks

In this episode we take you with us on a journey to six of our favorite state parks as we talk about what makes each of these parks unique and why we think they’re astounding. With more than ten thousand state parks spread across the country, our list of favorites is long, and we may have to record several episodes about these smaller, but just-as-spectacular public lands. On our original trip to all the national parks, we had little time to visit them, but since then, we’ve made it a point to see as many as we can. Consider this episode a mere sampling of the hidden treasures that await you. (And, no, we are not partial to parks with “Smith” in the name. But they do get our attention.)

The parks we discuss in this episode:

  • Custer SP (South Dakota)
  • Jedediah Smith Redwoods SP (Northern California)
  • Valley of Fire SP (Nevada)
  • Antelope Island SP (Utah)
  • Goblin Valley SP (Utah)
  • Smith Rock SP (Oregon)

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