37 Above the Arctic Circle

Alaska’s eight national parks contain some of the most spectacular wilderness areas in the NPS system, but two of them, Gates of the Arctic and Kobuk Valley, consist of nothing but millions of acres of wilderness. There are no roads, no trails, no campsites and no services of any kind. In this episode we talk about our adventure to these two remote parks, the last parks on our original national park journey. Join us as we travel to these places that few visitors ever see, above the Arctic Circle. 

Some of the topics we discuss in this episode include:

  • Where these parks are located
  • What the options are for tourists who want to visit them
  • Why we saved these two parks for last
  • Where we stayed and what it was like
  • How it felt to climb into a small plane again
  • What our park visits entailed
  • Why Matt tipped our pilot extra
  • Who we met that had a big impact on us
  • How much this trip cost

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