49 Glacier National Park: Part 2 of 2

From historic hotels to jaw-dropping vistas to spectacular hiking trails, Glacier has it all. Because of its mountainous terrain, activities and sights are clustered in several unique areas of the park and along the central park road corridor. A visit to this magnificent place feels like going to several national parks, all nestled around the Continental Divide. It would take a lifetime to see and do everything that Glacier National Park has to offer, and in this second episode of our two-part series on the park, we talk about our favorites. If you haven’t listened to the first part of this series, please check it out here.


Some of the topics we discuss in this episode:

·      Why it’s so important to do advanced planning before visiting Glacier NP

·      The best time to visit

·      Recent changes to the park’s system for entering the park – you may need a reservation

·      Why you might want to park your car and take the hikers’ shuttle

·      Overview of the historic lodges and hotels in and around the park

·      Some of our favorite hikes in each area of the park

·      Where to get the best huckleberry bear claws in Montana

·      And much more!


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