#96: Hiking Utah’s Kanarra Falls

The trail to Kanarra Falls in southwestern Utah has it all: beautiful scenery, a pristine creek running through a slot canyon, and a picturesque waterfall. It’s just the right length at about 3.5 miles roundtrip and is only moderately strenuous. This is why it’s become a hugely popular destination for outdoor adventure seekers. In this episode, we talk about our experience hiking this trail in October 2022, how we got our permit, and a little history of this popular site. We even talk about how the town of Kanarraville now keeps this special place from being over-loved and the heroic efforts they undertook to replace the iconic log bridge that once provided hikers a way up the falls before a flood washed it away.


Here are links about some of the places we mentioned in this episode:

·     Where to apply for permits to hike to Kanarra Falls

·     Story about installing the new Kanarra Falls ladder

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