Endless Summer in Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park

Every autumn when the rain starts falling in the Pacific Northwest, and the wind turns chilly, we can’t help but think of our trip to Big Bend National Park. It was the end of October when we visited, and hiking in the desert heat taught us that if we ever felt that fall had come too soon, all we have to do is visit Big Bend to get back to summer. The temperature reached 98 degrees on Halloween that year. (November through March are the park’s busiest months because daytime temperatures are mild.)

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It’s Bison Roundup Time

No other scene says “wild west” like a cavalcade of horseback riders kicking up dust as they bring a buffalo herd in from the range. Before the glow of our Bison Tour wears off, we’re making notes about the bison-related activities we weren’t able to do this time around but would like to experience in the future. Officially now on our bucket list is attending a bison roundup.

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