Your Guide to Havasu Falls

Hiking to the stunning blue waterfalls in Arizona’s Havasu Canyon is on a lot of people’s bucket list. Tens of thousands of visitors each year make the trek to see this natural wonder, set against the rocky backdrop of the Grand Canyon. Havasu Falls might be the most famous of these falls, but there are other equally beautiful waterfalls formed by Havasu Creek as it makes its way to the Colorado River, and together they create an oasis that’s nothing short of paradise.

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Your National Park-a-Month Guide

From tropical paradises to stunning deserts and alpine mountain ranges, every national park has an ideal season. In this article we suggest a park to visit each month, and it wasn’t an easy task narrowing our selections down to one per month. Truth be told, for each month there are many parks you could visit and have the time of your life; our selections should be merely a starting point for planning your next year of travel.

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Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend is one of the supermodels of our public lands. It’s the ultimate “look at” site. You go there, stand at the overlook and look at it; that’s it. Of course, you’ll also take a million pictures, but my point is that looking at it is the activity. And it’s worth it. Even the most cardio-seeking, marathon-trail-running enthusiast will stop in their tracks at the sight of the bend.

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El Tovar Hotel, Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon’s historic El Tovar Hotel sits about a hundred feet from one of the grandest natural views in the world: the overlook into the canyon from the South Rim. In 1903, President Roosevelt visited the Grand Canyon, and in a speech, he implored onlookers to leave the area as it was, unspoiled. He was concerned that any building, even the smallest cottage, would mar the beauty of the canyon.

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