Where to buy your very own 20252 t-shirt

We’ve moved all the “20252 Only You” t-shirt designs to our new online merch store www.dirtlander.com. Please visit us there and don’t forget to subscribe to the Dirtlander email list to get 10% off your entire first order!

Also, we have a bunch of new designs on Dirtlander, like the ones below. Click on any image for more info!

13 Replies to “Where to buy your very own 20252 t-shirt”

  1. I would love to see a woman’s racer back tank in the campfire/shovel pattern. Any chance you can make this happen?

    1. Thanks for the message, Nichol. I will see what I can do. We are traveling so it will be next week before I’ll find out. Matt

    1. Thanks, Lauren for the comment. Never thought about the 20252 as a Father’s Day gift but yeah, it would make a great Dad’s gift.

  2. I’ve ordered two of the variant design but would LOVE the option of a combo that used the adult design variant with the shovels and fire then the line from the kids version “only you” underneath them

  3. Do you ever put any of the design on the back instead of the front? Love the designs but both my husband prefer our t-shirts with them on the back.
    Love your books and podcast, they have helped us find new adventures!

    1. Not so far. I will probably not get any new designs out before Christmas because we have so many things going on right now, but I’ll try to put some up after the holidays. Thanks for the comment!

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