09 Five National Park Hidden Gems

You’ll often see the same handful of National Parks topping the “best of” lists, but there are some real hidden gems out there too that are worth visiting. In this episode, we’re sharing our top five parks that have lower visitation numbers. We discuss how we got to these parks, what there is to do in each one, and what we loved about them. From island hopping at Dry Tortugas to hiking along a border river in Big Bend, join us as we venture through some of these lesser known parks.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Taking a boat to Dry Tortugas NP
  • Big Bend NP along the Rio Grande River
  • Karen sneaks Carlsbad Caverns onto the list
  • The archeological sites at Mesa Verde NP
  • Taking in the beautiful landscapes at Great Basin NP
  • Why Lassen Volcanic NP is like a mini Yellowstone


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