42 Crater Lake National Park

In the third episode of our series about volcano parks in the Pacific Northwest we’re featuring Oregon’s Crater Lake National Park, which has one of the most stunning scenes in any national park: a sapphire-blue lake situated in the middle of a collapsed volcano’s caldera. Reaching a depth of almost 2,000 feet, Crater Lake is the deepest and most pristine lake in the country. What is there to do in this park besides gaze in awe at this incredible view? A lot, actually. On this episode we talk about the wide variety of activities available, plus lodging options in the park, and the best seasons to visit.

Some of the topics we discuss in this episode:

  • Where the only place to swim in the lake is located
  • Why there is no limit or license needed to fish
  • The different boat tours available
  • Who the Old Man of the Lake is
  • Why Matt wants to be a trolley captain
  • Our favorite hikes in the park
  • What gives the lake its deep blue color
  • Things to do in the park in the winter

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